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  1. dOber

    What's On Your Mind?

  2. dOber

    Server #3 Rotation Suggestions

    When i said "each other's tastes" it was just a way to apologize for saying "i dont like vacant and wetwork". As you can see, i did keep those maps in the rotation I proposed, and I did keep 3 koth in it too ! Right ? Vacant_sd, we had it before. But anyway, its really not often you are right. I...
  3. dOber

    Server #3 Rotation Suggestions

    The main issue with double cross_sd was that they were very close inside the rotation. As this rotation is quite long, i just thought that putting two crash_sd would please the players, and they are 10 maps from each other.... About crash, I just feel that everyone likes it and that only once...
  4. dOber

    Server #3 Rotation Suggestions

    I took current rotation made by @Towelie that seems to please players, except for some mistakes like the ones made with crossfire, and edited it a little bit. @Vlado @the MINION what do u say ? @Yabwon ? gametype sd map mp_strike gametype koth map mp_cargoship gametype war map mp_crossfire...
  5. dOber

    Happy New Year dOber !!

    Today I was at the west french coast. The ocean. Waves and seagles. Windy and salty, walking by the shore with the family. Beers and wine. A brand new bottle of Welsh wishkey. Good fresh fish from the harbor. A bit more wine ;) Thanks for the wishes !!
  6. dOber

    CS:GO Screenshots

    bit by bit...
  7. dOber


    if u need bait ...
  8. dOber

    Good Song :)

    "out of all the things that I might have written, my favorite thing that I have written has to be about this favorite old lady of mine"
  9. dOber

    Exp Tournament

    well, unfortunately... maybe proving @kVN# wrong could be a good motivation for next tourney :D
  10. dOber


    Again, thanks for your welcoming ! Guess I'll figure my way around, seated at a table with @Anna and @kVN# 's whiskey bottles !
  11. dOber

    Admin Meeting 06/01/19

    Thanks for your trust and your warm welcome guys ! A sweet news on a cold monday morning. Congrats @faceoff and @LittlePip !
  12. dOber

    CS:GO Screenshots

    As we are playing more and more csgo these days, I figured we could open this thread. Of course, @BluFish ,@Hybrid or @Lyzone 's screenshots are more interesting than mines, but hey, thread is open !
  13. dOber

    Your favourite/funny memes

  14. dOber

    What's On Your Mind?

    And I wonder why these people even play games at all....
  15. dOber

    What's On Your Mind?

    geez, this reminds me of asian dancing machines I saw playing in malls back in China few years ago...so crazy...
  16. dOber

    Happy new year

    Best wishes my beloved autistic friends ! Glad to have y'all around
  17. dOber

    What's On Your Mind?

    rip 2018 xD (at first i thought u had to click repeatedly)