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  1. Hanphagard

    Admin Meeting 2018.05.06

    oh RIP :(
  2. Hanphagard

    Good Song :)

    i like this song, the only thing that bothers me is how she says "i" in him and i, it sounds more like an Aai that an i lol
  3. Hanphagard

    Worst song ever! ^^

    this guy's song is so good, it deserves to be posted twice ;)
  4. Hanphagard

    New Beat on my Youtube, Listen and tell me what u think :D

    Uhhhhh, don't call the EDM garage band preset your beat lol xD! try make your own one ! your other beats tho, if they are yours are cool, you could work on making them more vibey , try adding exotic instruments, reverb, reverse snares/crashes it add lots of movment try to mix your drums better...
  5. Hanphagard

    Happy birthday Hanphagard!!

    Thank you all for the wishes! PC broke so couldnt answer!
  6. Hanphagard

    Happy birthday Hanphagard!!

    Thanks dude ;) !
  7. Hanphagard

    LightKnight is legal

    kid has grown up a lot, happy birthday to my lil bro :)
  8. Hanphagard

    CoD4 JFF Comunity/Internal War (15-08-2017)

    Im interested but not sure if i can attend
  9. Hanphagard

    time flies

    Good luck in the future grim, was a pleasure meeting you ! :)
  10. Hanphagard

    Worst song ever! ^^

  11. Hanphagard

    Funniest Video Ever ^^

  12. Hanphagard

    IedU's 21 Birthday

    Happy birthday :)
  13. Hanphagard

    CoD:WaW WaW unban request

    I might agree that this is no enough for ban, but back then snipers ( especially good ones ) were just really suspicious with their aim assist hacks, with out a doubt i have made mistakes back then. P.S: erebor agreed with me that he is "guilty" but who knows. I am sorry for the inconvenience...
  14. Hanphagard

    Call Of Duty: World War II

    Ill just drop the trailer here: after all we are a COD clan.
  15. Hanphagard

    Hello COD soldiers

    Welcome to JFF, only reason i commented is because i played cod5 while listening to Dark Tranquility, just a fun fact :)
  16. Hanphagard

    A long overdue decision

    Good luck In real life ! sad to see you go !
  17. Hanphagard

    Happy Birthday el-cuxillito!

    Happy birthday !
  18. Hanphagard

    Happy New Year

    Happy new year !
  19. Hanphagard

    I am back!!

    Welcome back !
  20. Hanphagard

    Happy New Year Thunder !!!

    Happy Birthday Thunder !