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  1. Vlado

    Your in-game screenshots (use spoilers or thumbnails)

    @ElementX we miss you,but we got with 10 players :) DaNg!! @Dinkleberg
  2. Vlado

    New COD4 + Discord Server (update)

    Nice too see that someone try something,at least.. Good luck with that,will join.Also on Vince rotu server My last hope was that thunder will drop out jff where is he now,and believe we will keep enjoy in game and figure how to keep servers clean and live Normally will continue play this...
  3. Vlado

    Happy Birthday Sexy Admin

    Best wishes mate
  4. Vlado

    Happy Easter

    Happy Easter soldiers
  5. Vlado

    Where we will play after 30th April?!

    work good for me and dont lose lvl :)
  6. Vlado

    Where we will play after 30th April?!

    Any of them are hc mixed server?
  7. Vlado

    Happy birthday Uriel

    Happy birthday mate,have a good one :)
  8. Vlado

    Want to join (SORYM8)

    / lock
  9. Vlado

    Want to join (SORYM8)

    Dont spam or you will got forum ban Nice catch @OTe
  10. Vlado

    The end of JustForFun

    Just want write same So about end,its april fool???
  11. Vlado

    Happy New Year Akkord !!

    Best wishes mate
  12. Vlado

    Happy New Year SeaSerpent13 !!

    Best wishes
  13. Vlado

    Happy birthday Arrow

    Finally @OTe back ^^ We scared for you bro :)
  14. Vlado

    The end of JustForFun

    you can catch him here : http://forum.justforfun-gaming.com/members/thunder.2/ go on start converstation and send him pm
  15. Vlado

    Happy birthday redzYe

    HappY birthday Kekeee kee ^^
  16. Vlado

    Happy birthday Arrow

    Best wishes
  17. Vlado

    Another Application

    Mate jff are closing for 15 days...
  18. Vlado

    The end of JustForFun

    I am sorry for that experience... Hope JFF bring just nice memory.. Also not happy when rules dont same for all.Like admin,You cant sit afk and watch how some stuff stuck or die and dont do nothing.If dont have time or dont want,move to make place for admins who have energy and time to...
  19. Vlado

    The end of JustForFun

    Good luck bro
  20. Vlado

    The end of JustForFun

    Many guys still cant believe...