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  1. Towelie


    I got mine for like 5Eur from a DVD shop. However at this point it's a waste of money, it's a better investment to buy 5 Snickers and eating it all. cod5 multiplayer is dead for a while now, there is about 2 populated servers and both of them are ****, so... :D
  2. Towelie

    What's On Your Mind?

    At least someone still remembers to give me a message ^^
  3. Towelie

    The end of JustForFun

    Im participating and playing on your servers for not the longest time, yet I like it and grew quite fond of it. Everything sooner or later comes to an end, and this decision should be respected. Good luck in the future. Except you Phoenix, Im happy you are not going to be an admin anymore...
  4. Towelie

    About War Team (Update 1)

    hit me up
  5. Towelie

    About War Team (Update 1)

    is this limited to only jff members?
  6. Towelie

    CoD4 cod4

  7. Towelie


    It still haunts me in my nightmares
  8. Towelie

    CoD4 favorit wh, no recoil

    favorit wh and no recoil 3 http://junk.justforfun-gaming.com/11852/5c60615d511e612e1f6b5952
  9. Towelie


    dont do drugs kids
  10. Towelie

    dont tell my mom

    dont tell my mom
  11. Towelie

    CoD4 I just got banned,Plz unbanned.

    1) Nobody was hacking there, just you. You are bad at this game so you think everyone who plays better are hackers. Suck it up. 2) Doesnt really matter how to use !report/!calladmin cmds :)
  12. Towelie

    CoD4 wh

    The difference is that I dont use wh :)
  13. Towelie

    CoD4 wh

  14. Towelie

    CoD4 communist

    communist wh 3 http://junk.justforfun-gaming.com/11852/5c518781511e616497076182
  15. Towelie

    CoD4 wh

  16. Towelie

    CoD4 sagash

    sagash team nading 3 http://junk.justforfun-gaming.com/11852/5c4e1651511e6172dc20f012
  17. Towelie

    CoD4 glitch

    not first time for him :)
  18. Towelie

    Forced auto assign

    50% of the time teams are unbalanced and goes 9v15. Hackers can be easily determined from spectate as well, dont need uav.
  19. Towelie

    Forced auto assign

    Title says it all. /Thread