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  1. el-cuxillito

    Funny Servers :)

    Maybe they turned it off for ever. Due to the lack of trusted members/admins/users xD
  2. el-cuxillito

    Funny Servers :)

    Just tried this IP, doesn't work.
  3. el-cuxillito

    CoD4 Wolf glitch

    Well I was who made that ban for Spam. He evaded the ban. So I made a temporal range ban, just affect him. A new one for a week long would be nice.
  4. el-cuxillito

    !fps and !fov

    You should remember that not everyone is allowed to get the newest machine.
  5. el-cuxillito

    Forced auto assign

    It's exactly the same to stay on the same team than on the enemy team. Maybe if you are on the same team, you will have at least 1 or 2 players more for your hacker. But there is no other single diference btw the same and the enemy team.
  6. el-cuxillito

    Forced auto assign

    Since when do you need to be on the same team? Aren't you able to read/hear enemy UAV is on? At least I get such message on my CoD4.
  7. el-cuxillito

    CoD4 wh

    Well the hack detection skills from walleye are really poor. So I wouldn't really trust his opinion. Always calling me hacker so... If you think someone is hacking, just record him and post it here.
  8. el-cuxillito

    Happy New Year dOber !!

    Happy birthday!
  9. el-cuxillito

    CoD4 Unban Request

    That's cause both had the same slot. Happens a lot of times. :) Check always connection log. It's too much easier and quick
  10. el-cuxillito

    Adding new thread

    He didn't missrespect or say a bad word to you. He just told you the reason why your idea couldn't be possible, and also the way to get somebody kicked quickly. Please just read and don't understand what ever you want.
  11. el-cuxillito

    Happy Birthday el-cuxillito!

    Thanks all for all the birthday wishes. :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) Don't worry I didn't drive. I just fly back home from Berlin xD
  12. el-cuxillito

    Server #3 Rotation Suggestions

    Maybe, or maybe not. Just be patient, everyone have a live out there. We don't live for the servers. Like the name of the clan says Just For Fun ;)
  13. el-cuxillito

    2 Screens and performance problem.

    Where can I find that? I looked for it on internet, but I think that's just a tool from Windows 10. The nvidia live game recorder was already off
  14. el-cuxillito

    Your favourite/funny memes

    Why? That's the best for shim
  15. el-cuxillito

    2 Screens and performance problem.

    Ye already checked, I have everything updated or reinstalled. The only thing which I didn't try yet, it's to reinstall windows. And I don't want ATM do it. I want to install the windows 10 but I'm too lazy to make everything (make a copy of all my files, make a clean install, install all the...
  16. el-cuxillito

    2 Screens and performance problem.

    I already had the latest update for my BIOS. But seem a little bit wierd, I have an update which on the MSI support doesnt exist. I have E1759IMS.80C, but on the web page is just the E1759IMS.52D Should I downgrade? or what should I do?
  17. el-cuxillito

    2 Screens and performance problem.

    The latest gpu drivers got updated yesterday. For the BIOS I will check to do it
  18. el-cuxillito

    2 Screens and performance problem.

    I saw that later, changed the pictures before. It's 0 in both cases.
  19. el-cuxillito

    2 Screens and performance problem.

    Here it is what you are asking me Duplicate mode Extended mode