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  1. Akkordmef

    Happy Birthday Blade!

    Happy Birthday :)
  2. Akkordmef

    Insulted by Admin

    First to @True.north Your right - i feel like family here, and thats just well. thx to @ElementX I would also prefer to be there only once. everything else would overwhelm me xD now to you @RB26DETT Before you started crying, i already recorded a demo. Before you called me a noob, i already...
  3. Akkordmef

    mod crashed

    my folder is via steam - so i do it in steam folder to update and change my config in %appdata% The Patch reset all my rang and History so no lv 55 or golden weapon it works now - i ve to restart my addon :)
  4. Akkordmef

    mod crashed

    i did. it works for the first time - than i copy my old profile folder mpdata and config to the cod4x folder. after that i was kicked from server #3 and cant connect to another
  5. Akkordmef

    mod crashed

    Hey, i try to play this morning. after enter server #3 COD4 it try to install an mod. The Instalation crashed and game closed. What happend?
  6. Akkordmef

    Happy New Year Bakos !!!

    Bakos!!! happy Birthday mate. I hope you got a nice time - :)
  7. Akkordmef

    Happy New Year Thunder !!!

    Happy Birthday :)
  8. Akkordmef

    CoD4 admin wh

    Done thx for work - bang was also wallhack ;)
  9. Akkordmef

    Your favourite/funny memes

    i m always was sure - Rem is hacking xD Ban yourself Bro @REM :p
  10. Akkordmef

    Happy New Year Unlucky !!!

    Happy new Year :)
  11. Akkordmef

    CoD4 Heisenberg wh

    Done. put your records in ban pls Good work
  12. Akkordmef

    Cod4 servers - 1.8 version

    didnt work, 1.8 delet all my stats
  13. Akkordmef

    Cod4 servers - 1.8 version

    i copy the old folder but it dosnt work. all my settings - grahpic and so on are resets
  14. Akkordmef

    Cod4 servers - 1.8 version

    i installed it and my rank didnt change but i lost all my perks :/ Cant use digital Colour or silence now will go back to 1.7
  15. Akkordmef

    CoD4 Ban Request

    i m never fake :p but your right - he was a namechanger. his last name at ban was yours
  16. Akkordmef

    Server #3 Rotation Suggestions

    This is hard work and a lot of spawn kills in sab :p
  17. Akkordmef

    Happy birthday BR3!

    Happy Birthday Mate :)
  18. Akkordmef

    Happy Birthday Hyde!!

    Happy Birthday :)
  19. Akkordmef

    Troubles joining server

    works thx a lot i saw me never go to play :p
  20. Akkordmef

    Troubles joining server

    i got the same Problem now :/ just in Time - i cannot connect to all Server from COD 4 im using Steam so i got no patches ore something else.