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  1. Yabwon

    CoD4 I want in with JFF bois

    LoL... This thread should to be sticked in 'unban request' forum as an example, which explanations we don't believe...
  2. Yabwon

    CoD4 Milf hunter wh

    @MILFhunter, you dirty bastard! :P
  3. Yabwon


    It was a tempban, made by @OTe
  4. Yabwon

    Gun Game - Fill the server! IP:

    I just want to remind you, that these settings, which currently are on server have been set by @[jc]VanDamme here. If you want more maps, just put some effort pls and prepare the right code, paste is in that thread, and I'm pretty sure it will be set by CL
  5. Yabwon

    Gun Game - Fill the server! IP:

    I don't get, what is the coincidence between v1.8 and a knife...? If you mean, that you need 2 hits by a knife to kill, so it just depends from setting in gungame CFG... set gg_knife_nerf 0 // 0 = default, 1 = knife needs 2 hits to kill If it's set "0", then one hit kills enemy, when...
  6. Yabwon

    CoD:WaW Unban request

    I guess the main issue is resolved, so thread LOCKED. BTW. Do not discuss internal matters in public part of forum, espiecially in unban request section! BTW2. Remember, that only members included in the ban issue (+admins ofc) are allowed to respond in an unban request thread. Members and...
  7. Yabwon

    Picture thread !!

    Friends with benefits...
  8. Yabwon

    Admin Meeting 2018.03.11

    Sex, drugs & rock'n'roll...
  9. Yabwon

    Picture thread !!

    What an ugly face...
  10. Yabwon

    Long time guys... Hello

    Is it really hard to respond to everyone in one post...?
  11. Yabwon


    Paint master, level - founder xD
  12. Yabwon

    About My Song

    It's not wrong, because @WaRRirOzz post something... It's wrong because @WaRRirOzz post something in random section, without elementary thinking where it should be posted... It should be as @-Ho-Oh- mentioned. If you can't to understand such an easy thing, I'm not surprised you didn't get in...
  13. Yabwon

    About My Song

    Please, explain me, what is the coincidence with your post and the section (suggestion forum), where you have posted it...? ...and, I see, you still don't get it, why you don't get in JFF after several tries...
  14. Yabwon

    Java Development

    Kinda like a resurrection :p Nice to see you still alive! Ohhh, I'm nab in programming issues, but... in case in the future you will be making some porn... well, do not forget to ask me :P
  15. Yabwon

    CoD:WaW Unban me pls

    We are not 'pay to win' community. If you would follow our server rules, nothing bad would happen to you.