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    Crazy YouTube Videos

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    Your Own SceenShoots from Other Games (use spoilers or thumbnails)

    Dead by Day Lights - The Basement Party :) The Basement is the one place on the Map in which the presence of The Entity can be felt the most, which is underlined with eerie sounds coming from beyond the basement walls and red lights shining through cracks in them. The Basement contains a...
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    Get your own way to the enemies spawn and survive killing some unlucky players and then be finally killed by really frustrated one - its correct and fun :D BUT: to play like this BOB what @KonZone shows below/above... I would kick him for that [new server rule] - no fun, you cannot call that a...
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    Crazy YouTube Videos

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    Your favourite/funny memes

    A pillow made your night?????? R U siriously? ;)
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    Your favourite/funny memes

    No Ducking way...
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    Funniest Video Ever ^^

    Poland :D - HI G. How do you like it? - Was Cool, but I need to go you know ;)
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    how to NOT play war with us...

    Radar Spotted: Cheater: Roma_3_0_Barcelona
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    how to NOT play war with us...

    More cheaters Form our 1.8 war server Cheaters: BaTaL__L'World callmexcep Pol Thank You @Thunder
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    Your in-game screenshots (use spoilers or thumbnails)

    Yeaaaaa....... I was K/D 12 to 0 - @Ana spotted and told me about that and then the magic was broken :/ GG
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    Status Update Status Update 2018.04.09

    War server1 is offline @Thunder?
  12. Uriel

    Happy birthday Uriel

    Thanks to ALL :D