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    What's On Your Mind?

    Hahah! And I wanted that my would look as Element's looks, I'll change it now))) EDIT. Can't find it )) I need some help (dat forum has many links and buttons lol) Reminds me of the dashboard
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    gosh ! next time you will not be so lucky ! :p
  3. The_sky_was_pink

    What's On Your Mind?

    swallows have arrived)
  4. The_sky_was_pink

    CoD4 Bam WH

    Take it as a souvenir http://forum.justforfun-gaming.com/threads/general-guide-to-cheater-reporting.22629/
  5. The_sky_was_pink

    Admin Meeting 2018.04.08

    jff drama
  6. The_sky_was_pink

    Sudden death on JFF3 put on no time limit ??

    ah u gay traitor. where is the logic to mix together those things one to another?
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    It's enough to report once with the right nickname and they will find him. I used to do this combination before. I need to resume this practice, I have a little bit forgotten about it. 1. \record fagname1 2. use command !time 3. at the end of the demo i'm using "!report fagname reason" Because...
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    CoD4 Mister no glitch

    Top secret They shall to kill you if they tell you the truth.
  9. The_sky_was_pink

    Admin Meeting 2018.04.08

    Grats REM u worked hard for that ) Grats Trappz ) Longread ) Let's check it )
  10. The_sky_was_pink

    What's On Your Mind?

    Yeah, you're a bad cop. It remains to find out who is good.
  11. The_sky_was_pink

    CoD4 unban request!

    Take it as a souvenir http://forum.justforfun-gaming.com/threads/big-glitch-thread.15902/
  12. The_sky_was_pink

    Happy Birthday Vlado!

    Yeah, happy birthday and get some skill with age, nup )
  13. The_sky_was_pink

    Sudden death on JFF3 put on no time limit ??

    Most suddens i saw ended like few guys trying get 1 guy camping at backyard. Atleast rise end-up time. Situations like i reported before became very annoying.
  14. The_sky_was_pink

    CoD4 Ban Request

    You hurt his feelings. He will be angry now.
  15. The_sky_was_pink

    CoD4 Ban Request

    Yes, ninja has a lot of typical habits, by which you can identify him. There are places by which he can't just run by without trying to jump) Like jump from balcony's corner to the open garage's door at crash atackers base )