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  1. Smokva

    Happy Birthday Warnaar!

    Happy birthday old man!
  2. Smokva

    Happy New Year Nikolic !!!

    Sretan ti bio! :)
  3. Smokva

    Let's Play COD2! Just For Fun!

    I'm down for it. I may even get some real life friends to come too. Maybe we could play some wars or something with discord or ts3. That being said, this Thursday is not working for me at all haha
  4. Smokva

    The state of CoD4 SC

    Not sure if that means you want to enable it for people who install the addon or not let any non-members use it?
  5. Smokva

    The state of CoD4 SC

    Agreed. This brings me to an idea I had the other day. The unbalancing part can be fixed if we let normal players use the !balance command if it's even working properly (@Sammy?) We could also enable it only for people registered on forum thus sending more of them here.
  6. Smokva

    Crazy YouTube Videos

    A girl and my friend on the guitar just won the golden buzzer in Croatia's Got Talent. Amazing performance :D
  7. Smokva

    The state of CoD4 SC

    Just for the sake of discussion, I was talking to some people who would prefer keeping both softcore servers alive, and they agreed that Server #1 and Server #2 need to be more varied and one specific suggestion was to keep #2 SnD heavy while doing something else on #1 (don't be shy @land1987...
  8. Smokva

    The state of CoD4 SC

    Thanks for the well-thought reply, you a real one! Agreed with everything that @Zoid said and hope it gets taken into consideration when deciding about the future of the servers. We need players to attract even more players and potential members and the rotation worries can easily be solved as...
  9. Smokva

    The state of CoD4 SC

    Dunno if it will help anything, but maybe we could add a banner telling people that this exists? Also, make it more visible in the forum. (I forgot that this thing even existed haha)
  10. Smokva

    Server #2 Rotation Suggestions

    From what I gather, ppl don't really like Chinatown. Maybe put one SAB on Strike? DOM on Crossfire is also pretty fun. And I think 2 Crash is enough (for now) haha Other than that I like it!
  11. Smokva

    The state of CoD4 SC

    I like this idea, but as always, it needs someone to organize all of that and if someone wants to do it - why not. The only problem is that it didn't really work out well even when we had a full clan of playing people haha Exactly. Problem is that not many people are playing and even less are...
  12. Smokva

    The state of CoD4 SC

    What other games? Steam and other services killed cracked gaming. Even if we expanded, what other games could we offer? FPS gaming is s run by CS:GO, R6S, Overwatch and other stuff without dedicated servers or whatever it's called. MOBA (Dota2, LOL, HotS) and Battle Royale (PUBG, SCUM...
  13. Smokva

    The state of CoD4 SC

    I agree with Blade on most of this. As for the map thing, just look at our HC server. It's our only server that's always doing well and even if there is a HC#2 with different maps, no one ever played on it. It also has the most active JFF members and potential recruits... EDIT: just to...
  14. Smokva

    The state of CoD4 SC

    It's no secret that our softcore servers lost a huge amount of players. The player base has been declining and our servers have been losing steam for years now due to multiple reasons I guess (CoD4 dying, lack of active players and stuff) that I don't want to get into too much. I suggest we take...
  15. Smokva

    Happy Birthday Smokva

    Thank you guys <3 I was partying for 4 days straight so I wasn't really able to check forum. Love you all!