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    Admin Meeting 2018.07.08

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    CoD:WaW Unban request

    um what
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    Optimal FPS and Net Settings

    I haven't been on tho?
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    Optimal FPS and Net Settings

    Fun fact, the higher your frame rate the more broken call of duty waw’s Engine gets. At about 300-400 the running animation breaks, and if you can get 999 FPS or higher your player can’t move properly. I.e. he slides all over the place like he’s on ice. I simply maxed the FPS at 125 and prob solved
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    Black Ops 4 Opinions

    Pretty sure they changed their development plan half way through, and were forced to ditch the SP and as a alternative quickly modify the BO3 engine into a new game. Cause I agree, when I watched the reveal, the game looked like BO3, or call of duty is just took a **** idk which. Btw, I don't...
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    İs it possible to change it ?

    None of those guides will help you. Those are for creating mods and custom maps. If you want to change the scope texture you have to find it in the waw main files. It’ll be a iwd file.
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    Admin Meeting 2018.04.08

    Please explain to me what you want. Feel free to do it in PM or here idc.
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    Why do I have to check the chat log? The proof u provide should be the basis of your ban. Plus I post from my phone most of the time so I’m not gonna check cp
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    ^ These are hardly bad enough to ban. Would just warn him if he does it again that he'll be kicked. I regularly enjoy when people tell me I eat ass.
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    Admin Meeting 2018.03.11

    The point that he wasn’t promoted? Yea he proved his own point by throwing a tantrum about promotions to the point he will never be promoted. I call **** as it is and sorry I don’t care about virtual ranks like y’all do. Good day.
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    Admin Meeting 2018.03.11

    Why defuse it when it’s so dumb to begin with.
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    Admin Meeting 2018.03.11

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    Admin Meeting 2018.03.11

    Damn guess I’ll return to my old people home