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  1. SeaSerpent13

    Happy New Year Thunder !!!

    Happy birthday extremely old fart! ;)
  2. SeaSerpent13

    How are you after those many years my friends ?

    Glad to see you came to visit us ;)
  3. SeaSerpent13

    Happy New Year Gianni!

    happy birthday old fart
  4. SeaSerpent13

    My Multiplayer has gone missing.......

    Contact Support. Make sure you describe the problem thoroughly and give them your bank account information for verification reasons. Route it here: 011105093 Cheers, Your friendly neighborhood Microsoft Apple Support Team spiderman.
  5. SeaSerpent13

    Admin Meeting 2018.10.07

    Glad you went out of your way to look that up. Also, cause 3 years ago was about the time I stopped playing, been playing for 7 years at that point so good place to move on. Maybe you should too
  6. SeaSerpent13

    Admin Meeting 2018.10.07

    Why COD4 when COD5 is better? Then again I don't even own COD4 PS. Thanks for visiting my steam profile ;)
  7. SeaSerpent13

    Cod4 servers - 1.8 version

    Tbh don’t wanna know how many closest cheaters there are
  8. SeaSerpent13

    JFF Cracked

    I actually played about a week ago and was told in another language I was a camping *****, and something about my mom. Fun times.
  9. SeaSerpent13

    Admin Meeting 2018.09.09

    Nope, hf;)
  10. SeaSerpent13

    Mr Joe's birthday

    Happy birthday! @rvL Joe :)
  11. SeaSerpent13

    Your in-game screenshots (use spoilers or thumbnails)

    I still got it lol (Game 1)
  12. SeaSerpent13

    Picture thread !!

  13. SeaSerpent13

    Picture thread !!

    While I know it’s all fun and games, be carful he is 14
  14. SeaSerpent13

    CoD:WaW PAPA OTe Plz Read

    Posted 30 minutes ago ^ Posted 22 minutes ago ^ Took you 8 minutes to type that...