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  1. PhOenix

    CoD4 unbal?

    stay away from server for 1 day and think about it.that ur right or not
  2. PhOenix

    CoD4 unbal?

    u were unbalancer and i told u and u kept it so here u are u won a temp ban stay away here some chatlog u can find full here 328353762018-10-12 21:03:13=[JFF]=PhOenixmeep and ced are win changer 328353772018-10-12 21:03:16sagashkeep unbalance !! yeah !! 328353782018-10-12 21:03:21Meep <3suck...
  3. PhOenix

    Happy New Year Digi !!

    happy birthday and best wishes Digi:)
  4. PhOenix

    CoD4 WH

    @H2K added u as reporter.keep it up
  5. PhOenix

    CoD4 Unban walleye plz jff the best love <3

    well lets talk.all of players told me to start vote for skip map it was creek snd and all voted and it accepted by addon not me.and u said f*ck u all and i just tried to kick u and u saw that and u said f*ck u admin so 2times in row and u won a temp ban so its look like ingame if u kill 3 u will...
  6. PhOenix

    Happy B-Day lil horrow :D

    happy birthday dr.chan and best wishes mia khalifa sorry horrow
  7. PhOenix

    Admin Meeting 2018.08.05

    congratz CMD and REM:) meh dr.chan try to come back naaab:mad:
  8. PhOenix

    Happy B-Day

    Happy birthday Gamma best wishes man :)
  9. PhOenix

    Happy New Year PhOenix !!!

    Thanks mate:* Thanks mate:* Thanks TraBOObs :* Thanks man:* Thanks mate:*
  10. PhOenix

    Happy New Year PhOenix !!!

    Thank u very much mate :* Thanks lucky mate :* Thanks mate:* Thanks lify:* Thanks ana "i saw i saw" :* Thanks gisboomboom:* Thanks blade:* Thanks ele my boy :* Thanks AnimeLover boy :* Thanks mate :* omg Ote u made my day.very good post Thanks:*
  11. PhOenix

    CoD4 Unauthorized BAN and request

    i think i made a mistake.element told me too.its look like game bug.i cant remove ban for now.can sny admin remove it.sorry Fupator u can play when ban remove. @ElementX and @OTe if u can remove it thanks
  12. PhOenix

    Happy birthday skippy

    happy birthday and best wishes
  13. PhOenix

    Happy Birthday REM!

    Happy birthday Rem and best wishes:)
  14. PhOenix

    Happy Birthday Ote!

    Happy birthday OTe and best wishes:)