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    u can kill him.ask sammy or in game i can show u we have a clear rule about glitching but for spawn killing nothing.so if admins decide to add this rule everyone should obey it.for now nothing
  2. PhOenix


    from my side spawn killing is a tactic to keep enemy in their base and dont let them to attack us especially when they ambush us in corner of map so its base on game.and as i said it only take 5 seconds per player and its not a big problem.when a spawnkiller is killing me next time im taking my...
  3. PhOenix


    if admins add this rule it will be a valid reason.but now its not.u cant kick player for respawn killing he can come to forum and cry about it.becuz we dont have clear rule of this.btw i told u its not a big problem if u kill spawn killer with sniper or rushing to him
  4. PhOenix


    what if a sniper sit in a same spot all time and kill players? its ruin other players game? and if u rush to their base and camp in spawn and kill them?if in crash snd if u start shooting from first second direct to blue house and kill rushers? or in backlot u start killing with lmg from base to...
  5. PhOenix

    Admin Meeting 2018.04.08

    congratulations @REM and @Trappz
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    Happy New Year Akkord !!

    happy new year mate best wishes:)
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    Happy Birthday Vlado!

    happy new year mate best wishes:)
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    Happy birthday KonZone and Gr1m Reaper

    happy birthday guys and best wishes to both of u:)
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    Happy New Year Firework !!

    happy birthday Firework and best wishes:)
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    Happy New Year SeaSerpent13 !!

    happy new year and best wishes:)
  11. PhOenix

    hello gamers

    welcome to forum.have fun here and in-game too:)
  12. PhOenix

    Server #3 Rotation Suggestions

    set g_gametype "war" set sv_mapRotation "gametype war map mp_broadcast gametype sd map mp_crash gametype sab map mp_crossfire gametype dom map mp_backlot gametype war map mp_cargoship gametype sd map mp_strike gametype sab map mp_convoy gametype koth map mp_carentan gametype war map...
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    CoD4 Meteor

    yeah sammy yeah that Meteor
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    Happy birthday redzYe

    happy birthday and best wishes;):)
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    Happy birthday Arrow

    happy birthday and best wishes man;):)