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Recent content by Mr.Calzoncillo

  1. Mr.Calzoncillo

    CoD4 Elevator

    Name:Ivan24 Reason:elevator i told him that glitching isnt allowed but he didnt go down ip:reported in game proof: http://junk.justforfun-gaming.com/10854/585f1ca4e312c34f4cf73ead http://junk.justforfun-gaming.com/10854/585f1ca9e312c35648f73ead...
  2. Mr.Calzoncillo

    User Benchmark

    i have the worst laptop here i won
  3. Mr.Calzoncillo

    COD 4 MODERN WARFARE Remastered Multiplayer

    I tested on ps4 works good but i heard on pc that the game is bad optimized and i am sure that fov is 60 and the fps limit is 90 and i heard also that there arent dedicated servers other **** you get **** ping because the guy who is the host has problems with his net and other you can see your...
  4. Mr.Calzoncillo

    COD 4 MODERN WARFARE Remastered Multiplayer

    55gb hahahahahaha sure but you have to download also cod iw if you want to play you have to download 110gb because mw remastered it is on legacy edition and other thing do you think that there wont be dlcs for the other maps for cod 4 remastered? because cod 4 remastered brings only 10 maps
  5. Mr.Calzoncillo

    CoD4 Maybe wh

    name: alikiller server:1 ip reported in game proof:http://junk.justforfun-gaming.com/10854/57f55a5fe312c3842bc4df96
  6. Mr.Calzoncillo

    Your in-game screenshots (use spoilers or thumbnails)

    the noobs like me sometimes have luck
  7. Mr.Calzoncillo

    What's your internet speed?

    Lucker if you want you can change with me your Internet
  8. Mr.Calzoncillo

    What's your internet speed?

    see porn with 4k quality and download games with big size
  9. Mr.Calzoncillo

    CoD4 JFF Members vs. Community Players ==FUN WAR==

    For now i will be there i dont know exactly
  10. Mr.Calzoncillo

    Some little Suggestions for the Forum

    tell me the hour and day and maybe i will be in the war i am interested