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    Deal on Vegas Pro 14 Edit (charity)

    You can currently get Vegas Pro 14 Edit for 17,04 € here: https://www.humblebundle.com/software/vegas-pro-creative-freedom You also get all other software in the bundle, and you can choose to give all money to charity!
  2. KonZone

    Hitreg / netcode improvement (1.8)

    Here is a bit more to improve your hit registration. If you have very slow internet speed, having high maxpackets can increase your ping. If you have low ping and a steady connection you should have cl_packetdup 1. If your connection is bad you could try to use cl_packetdup 2 to make the hit...
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    CoD4 gameplays/videos.

    Record demo and ts, it has built in recorder :)
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    Your in-game screenshots (use spoilers or thumbnails)

    I can confirm Greeks are crazy. 10/10
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    need advice

    I did some testing on a Surface Pro 4 with a i5-6300U @ 2,4 GHz (Intel HD 520), which should be somewhat similar in performance. It could get a pretty stable 125 FPS in CoD 4 with low resolution (600x800).
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    For future reference, the dlc maps are included in the 1.6 patch.
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    Your in-game screenshots (use spoilers or thumbnails)

    Yes, the Germans always had their way with wars ;)
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    need advice

    That will do fine for CoD 4, and you can probably keep 250 fps in most cases (not 100% sure). If you ever decide to start playing CS GO you will be probably be able to have 60-100 fps. You will not be able to play new games though.
  9. KonZone

    need advice

    "Integrated" means that it is built into the CPU, you just have install a second graphics card and it will use that one instead. It would be easier if you could post a link to where the PC is being sold so we can see the full specifications and price, not all PC can add a graphics card.
  10. KonZone

    need advice

    You will not have good/stable fps with integrated graphics, especially not with an 8 year old cpu. It might still be playable, but if you want decent fps you would probably have to add ~100€ to get a graphics card.
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    HDMI Cable with upscaling and AA that actually works!

    Very impressive and almost no input lag
  12. KonZone

    Best Fan Controller Software

    I think the GPU has a profile saved, and the software changes the profile. After that it is probably the nVidia driver doing the rest, I'm not sure about this though.
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    Best Fan Controller Software

    I know NZXT CAM can adjust the fan speed, it is also a good tool for monitoring your system. Edit: Since I have a Kraken cooler I already need the software for drivers, but it did also replace all my monitoring software. Here are a few more features for anyone interested:
  14. KonZone

    Suggestion: BAN the grenade launcher

    You just named the problem. I don't think gl was supposed to be a major part of the game, just a situational weapon that can be used tactically, which it definately isn't.