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  • If you only used this much effort to learn how to play, you would have been one of the best cod players ever. you freaky little stalker! Leave the jff alone! you cheated, you got a ban! think before you do something, so you dont biitch about consequences later! Learn to act like a man! Or maybe you can download balls on some website? O wait, you did, and "they" earned you a ban!
    [09:08] REM: [09:05] ifury: when i got unbanned tell me
    [09:05] REM: Ok let me check
    [09:06] REM: Unban Date: null
    [09:06] ifury: can you help me
    [09:06] REM: Yes of course, that's what I'm doing right now
    [09:06] REM: The only way you can be unbanned is if you start telling me the truth...
    [09:07] REM: I can't help you otherwise
    [09:07] ifury: ok
    [09:07] ifury: i tell you truth
    [09:07] ifury: humm i uesd aimboat
    [09:08] ifury: now this is perfect true thing
    [09:08] ifury: are you admin
    [09:08] REM: Are you sure?
    [09:08] REM: Is that all?
    [09:08] ifury: are you admin
    [09:08] REM: No I'm not even a member bud
    [09:14] REM: [09:09] ifury: than perhaps you can not help me
    [09:09] REM: I can't actually unban you at all. I've just been fucking with you this entire time.
    [09:09] ifury: one mre thing
    [09:10] REM: yep
    [09:10] ifury: i want to **** your sister
    [09:10] REM: oooh.. no you don't she has crabs man
    [09:10] REM: Crabs no fun
    [09:10] REM: Unless you like that sort of stuff
    [09:11] ifury: soory
    [09:11] REM: Plus my sister is a guy now.. sex change see
    [09:11] ifury: you can abuse me
    [09:11] ifury: soory
    [09:11] REM: Good
    [09:12] ifury: but what am i do
    [09:12] ifury: i got banned from three days
    [09:12] REM: You would have to go ask your doctor about that my friend
    [09:12] REM: I can't help with crabs
    [09:12] REM: oh oh
    [09:12] REM: about getting unbanned
    [09:12] REM: hmmm
    [09:12] REM: Stop hacking
    [09:12] ifury: yeah
    [09:12] ifury: you are right
    [09:13] REM: mhmmm
    [09:13] ifury: anyway
    [09:13] ifury: good night my friend
    [09:13] REM: Good night man, I hope the crabs don't get ya down

    @ElementX @-Ho-Oh-
    i want you to read my posts, and then im going to ban your profile for spamming , is that ok with you?
    You are one messed up excuse for a person. you name should be ilame, isuck, ihavenoballs, iliketoplaywithdolls
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