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    What's On Your Mind?

    Lets play some Counter Blox Roblox Offensive?
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    Good Song :)

  3. Hybrid

    Good Song :)

    This particular album has alot of great tracks. 1.Anal Error 2.Anus Ice Cream 3.Robocock 4.Sucking a **** of a Vietnam Veteran 5.Koky Is Back 6.Licking the Ass of a Magical Grandpa 7.Asshole Ghost - Wishmaster 8.Tease the Ass with a Jack from a Track 9.Vlak-In-Off-Ka...
  4. Hybrid

    Good Song :)

    If i owned an ice cream truck...
  5. Hybrid

    My song is now on YOUTUBE!

    Think about a collab with @Lyzone , leadproducer of meatbeat prod.™. I have a partytrack with a similar concept to our workout remix in mind.
  6. Hybrid

    What's On Your Mind?

    hyped by Battlefield. OMEGALUL
  7. Hybrid

    Your in-game screenshots (use spoilers or thumbnails)

    Just to clear some confusion
  8. Hybrid

    CoD4 cod4 hack

    I looked at the full demo and also thought he was really fishy when i saw him on the server. If he wasnt member of the most skillfull team, the #4inchSquad, id assume its rapidfire and aimassist. But because of his teams reputation i believe hes clean
  9. Hybrid

    What's On Your Mind?

    won against the rank 4 best player in ironsight with blufish and lyzone and F12 doesnt work. nice
  10. Hybrid

    My song is now on YOUTUBE!

    i dont like autotune in rap. Try something more like this:
  11. Hybrid

    Black Ops 4 Opinions

    I honestly never seen anyone in my steam list play any cod newer than mw2. Thought this releases whould only tickle console peasants buttholes. Noone plays single player anyways. Massive waste of hard drive space.
  12. Hybrid

    Crazy YouTube Videos

    14 y/o skatepark thots are the only irl girls to not get turned off by my small pee pee. They dont know any better. #4inchsquad
  13. Hybrid

    CoD4 zuluS

    he was talking to Ote, dont worry
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    Worst song ever! ^^

    Says that she is beautifull because noone else says it about her but still thinks men want her to be their toy.