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  1. Gisbourne

    Happy Birthday REM!

    Happy birthday! :>
  2. Gisbourne

    CoD4 T_s_T wh

    Banned, thanks!
  3. Gisbourne

    CoD4 zxca aimbot

    Ive made you a reporter as i promised ;)
  4. Gisbourne

    Happy Birthday Ote!

    Happy birthday! :)
  5. Gisbourne


    I made you a reporter for this one anyway @H2K ;) thanks for your effort!
  6. Gisbourne

    CoD4 Racksak nr

    Banned, thanks ;)
  7. Gisbourne

    Hola buenos dias

    Hola amigo, explicaremos todo y hablaremos contigo, pero debes crear una publicación aquí de acuerdo con el patrón dado: http://forum.justforfun-gaming.com/forums/unban-request.17/ Y si es posible, use el inglés, no sé español, y lo logré de alguna manera ;)
  8. Gisbourne

    CoD4 Kraeketov wh

    Banned, thanks :)
  9. Gisbourne

    Happy New Year Gisbourne !!!

    Thank you all guys! Im really happy to see your wishes, means a lot to me and i hope at least majority of them will come true. had a little delay with this reply but eh, just had to take my time for a proper celebration :) Once again thanks! ps. another year has passed and @CmD still brings...
  10. Gisbourne

    CoD4 ninick_fid

    Banned, thanks!
  11. Gisbourne

    Admin Meeting 2018.02.11

    Congratz @REM and all the promoted guys! Just an add for @redzYe and everybody interested in battalion - the decision about jff support for this game will be made once the final version of the game is released. It will be tested in the meantime as well. Lets just wait ;)
  12. Gisbourne

    Happy Birthday Blade!

    Happy birthday! :)
  13. Gisbourne

    CoD4 T3Rm!nAtoR

    I can see a recoil there as well ;)
  14. Gisbourne

    CoD4 Hack

    We all want it, but demos should be solid anyway. Patience is the key :)
  15. Gisbourne

    CoD4 Hack

    Yes, its not enough proof. Ban for rapid fire should be preceded by warnings for a player using it - some servers and communities allow to use it on their servers. Not really a proof for wallhack. Please, make your demos longer. Make sure your demo is a quality one and long enough before rushing...