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Recent content by Gisbourne

  1. Gisbourne

    Hallo There

    Hallo ofc i remember! Glad to see you around you nab :P No listen redzye, he haker and no good man. He takes to much calcium and look him now. He no honest :/
  2. Gisbourne

    CoD4 NR

    Nah, its not right, he has recoil :/
  3. Gisbourne

    Happy New Year Digi !!

    Happy birthday! :>
  4. Gisbourne


    Thats the picnic i would go for totally ^^
  5. Gisbourne

    CoD4 345_345 wh

    Done, thanks!
  6. Gisbourne

    CoD4 XPNCTO G mh

    Done, thanks!
  7. Gisbourne

    CoD:WaW unban me please :))

    I will pm you with the solution and all the explanation, which better should not be seen public. EDIT: Solved! Hehe you'll never know what happened! :p -LOCK-
  8. Gisbourne

    CoD4 nukliver mh

    Done! :>
  9. Gisbourne

    CoD4 mumal wh

    Banned, thanks!
  10. Gisbourne

    CoD4 Evil AIM-bot MOHAMEDPRO

    When you report a cheater, try to provide a demo for us (how to make it? you got everything explained here ). Thats the only way we can attach it as a proof to the ban. As for this ban, ye, its done with the demo we already have, thanks for reporting! ;)
  11. Gisbourne

    CoD4 gogo wh

    Done, thanks!
  12. Gisbourne

    CoD4 some dude WH

    Still, not much to ban for imo. Most of the kills seem to be made in base of uav
  13. Gisbourne

    CoD4 mohamedpro ab

    Already banned by @Akkordmef, thanks anyway!
  14. Gisbourne

    CoD4 mahmut wh

    Banned, thanks! :>
  15. Gisbourne

    CoD4 WH

    He has been banned already by @PhOenix, you are a little late. Thanks for your effort anyway! :>