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  1. CmD

    Happy New Year True.north !!!

    Happy birthday!
  2. CmD

    CoD4 godmode

    Sometimes it just glitches out ingame, if he comes back again with it on, then we know it’s a hack. Just ask for an admin to kick him from server, no harm done as he will reconnect. Keep an eye out :)
  3. CmD

    Good Song :)

  4. CmD

    Picture thread !!

    My normal mouse mat needed throwing, I doubt you guys (@Thunder) would hate my temporary replacement.
  5. CmD

    Server #3 Rotation Suggestions

    I personally would prefer it: pipeline - tdm chinatown - sd as I think they are better modes for the maps swapped around, and that way we don't have Sab and SnD after one another. Or if you want to keep the game modes the same, just swap the order of pipeline SD and Chinatown TDM around. Nice rot
  6. CmD

    What's On Your Mind?

    It’s going to be a long wait for new Metro. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. All I want is a few more scenes with Pavel for some good ol’ musketeerian times. Tuuuk tuk tuk tuk tuk. Come on Chuvak, let’s get it released soon!
  7. CmD

    CoD4 unban request

    Reply in this post in the right format for more help. As for the other post, I've locked the other request, an admin will delete it at a later date.
  8. CmD

    CoD4 unban request

    ONE thread is enough. Maybe read THIS FIRST.
  9. CmD

    CoD4 gameplays/videos.

    "Why scared?" >> new round >> instant headshot "GG"
  10. CmD

    CoD4 trinisdater

    Banned, thanks!
  11. CmD

    Admin Meeting 2018.06.03

    I always blame @Sammy , doesn't matter what it is. I broke my pc a while ago, I knew it was Sammy. He always thinks that I won't realise, but I do. He's just hiding in Bahrain until I catch him :< Where you at @Gisbourne , don't be a doctor, come play with these grills!
  12. CmD

    What's On Your Mind?

    We get utterly cucked by our providers over here by that account then. What the actual frick. At least our maccies is cheaper :|
  13. CmD

    What's On Your Mind?

    Wtf RIP
  14. CmD

    presenting myself

    It's used as a way to contact members/admins outside of the game etc. Useful tool for keeping in contact with everyone